Interfaz Podcast Episodio 66–Live from .NET Conf CO 2017–TypeScript with Rachel Appel (in English)

Well, this is the very final episode live from the .NET Conf CO 2017.  It was a pleasure to have such a talented group of people at this fantastic event!

Are you sick of JavaScript?  I totally am.  But hey, there is a language that makes JavaScript elegant and fun.  Its name? TypeScript!  TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript (hence, the name… very clever uh?) that compiles to plain JavaScript.

Nowadays TypeScript is being used by a lot of projects, like the Angular framework, which is built entirely in TypeScript.  And you can use it too! Because of this, in this episode we had the presence of Rachel Appel, who is part of the content team for ASP.NET and former Microsoft MVP.  In this talk, Rachel explains what in the world is TypeScript, what can we do with it, what is its related toolchain and what a development environment for it looks like.

Notes and links

Rachel’s Twitter


TypeScript official website


Interfaz Podcast Episodio 65–Live from .NET Conf CO 2017–Conversational Interfaces with Rabeb Othmani (in English)

This is yet another episode of Interfaz live from .NET Conf CO 2017 in Medellin!

Software designed and built to be used through a conversation via text or voice? Conversational Interfaces are here to stay!  Thanks to the Bot Framework and Azure’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), nowadays we can develop applications that leverage AI capabilities in order to analyze what in the world we are meaning with a specific text or voice phrase.  Cool isn’t it?  As a matter of fact, it looks like this tendency is growing and it doesn’t look that it’s going to stop any time soon.

Because of this, and thanks to her visit to the .NET Conf CO 2017, we had the presence of Rabeb Othmani, who is a Dev Advocate at Nexmo in the UK.  In this very interesting talk, Rabeb explains what Conversational Interfaces are all about, what is the toolchain required if we decide to use the Bot Framework and what are some challenges that these technologies are facing right now.

Notes and links

Rabeb’s Twitter

Microsoft Bot Framework website

LUIS website


Interfaz Podcast Episodio 64–Live from .NET Conf CO 2017–AI for the impatient developer with Zoiner Tejada (in English)

This is yet another episode live from .NET Conf 2017 in Medellin!

Everyone should agree that Artificial Intelligence is the future in software systems, and that future is available today for any developer that looks for it!  But, what about all of those different acronyms and concepts around this topic: Artificial Intelligence? Machine Learning?  Deep Learning?  What are the main differences between these three?

In this episode we had the presence of Zoiner Tejada, CEO of Solliance Inc., Regional Director and Microsoft Azure MVP.  During this talk, Zoiner explains what is AI and Machine Learning all about, what are some of the skills required and needed for this kind of projects, what are the products and services that Microsoft offers nowadays in order to implement this kind of functionalities in our applications, and what is the toolchain for us developers eager to learn.

Notes and links

Zoiner’s Twitter

Azure Machine Learning Studio


Interfaz Podcast Episodio 63–Procesamiento a gran escala con Raúl Guerrero

¡En vivo desde la .NET Conf CO 2017 en Medellín!

Aprovechando su visita y participación en el evento, platicamos con Raúl Guerrero, quien se desempeña como Technical Evangelist para Microsoft Latinoamérica y que actualmente está trabajando y colaborando en un proyecto de procesamiento a gran escala, inspirado en los requerimientos que tienen los certificadores de comprobantes fiscales en México.

Durante esta amena charla, Raúl nos cuenta el origen del proyecto, las necesidades técnicas y de desempeño a las que obedece, y algunos de los resultados y conclusiones a los que él ha llegado para cubrir dichas necesidades, a través del uso de productos y servicios de Microsoft Azure.

Notas y vínculos adjuntos

Twitter de Raúl