Live from .NET Conf 2017 in Medellin, the city of the eternal spring (so they say)!

Did you know that .NET nowadays is cross-platform, open source and entirely free? Well, if you didn’t maybe you have lived under a rock somehow!  .NET Core is conquering the world thanks to its very powerful capabilities, its vibrant technical communities, and of course, because of its great developer toolchain.  Entity Framework Core 2 is the newest version of this popular O/RM and now it is cross-platform as well: the perfect companion for any .NET Core application!

In order to know a little bit more about Entity Framework Core 2 in this very first episode of Interfaz podcast in English language (YES!), Julie Lerman comes to the rescue! Julie is a Microsoft Regional Director (one of about 150 around the world) with strong ties to a number of teams at Microsoft. She is also a Microsoft MVP since 2003 and a Pluralsight author.

During this talk, Julie explains what is Entity Framework, how it is related to .NET Core, what are some cool new features that we can find in this newest release and how we can use it in order to build Data APIs.

Notes and links

Entity Framework Core web site

Julie’s blog

Julie’s Pluralsight author page